McKidd talks Thor!

It’s been around the traps a bit lately that Kevin McKidd, star of HBO hit Rome, has been in the running to play the lead role in Marvel’s adaption of comic book Thor! Well, today in a conference call for Journeyman in which he plays Dan Vassar, McKidd spoke about those rumors.
Speaking over the NBC conference call, McKidd confirmed that his agents had indeed been in talks with Marvel regarding roles for the movie. However he only found out about their talks when the rumors broke out over the internet.

"It’s semi true, I didn't know about it either until I heard the rumors and I called my agent and he went, yeah, yeah, we've been talking to them about it. But the last I heard from my agent, they're talking that they want to go for somebody much younger, a 19/20-year-old, for that role. So they're re-conceptualizing it as we speak."

So while it doesn’t look like McKidd will be in line to play the golden locked star of the movie due out in 09, he did suggest that he could be up for another role.

"I think there's the other main male character in that movie that I'm in consideration for, but, certainly by no means it's not in the bag or anything and, to be honest, until I read a script I really don’t know. I haven't really had a look at a script. This is all still just information that's coming in. So, you know, it could be fun, but it just depends on what's on the page. I think it all starts and finishes with the quality of the script.”

So who’s going to be Thor? Stay tuned folks, and pray that it isn’t Triple H with me... please?
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