Wolverine Nude Scene Discussed on Leno - SPOILER

SHH scooper sent in a repor
SHH scooper'SpiderTim' caught Hugh Jackman on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and sent in the following...

When Hugh Jackman was on The Tonight Show last night he commented on a scene I had not heard about before (These are spoilers!):

Hugh said that this was the first time he had done a nude scene, but that it was "heavily lit from behind", so that nothing would be seen. Apparently Wolverine is seen in a flashback running through a pipe in the nude. Hugh didn't mention how far into his Weapon X past the movie goes.

The clip aired was also new to me, showing Striker confronting Wolverine in the mansion before Iceman builds his wall. Striker asked Wolverine if he remembered who he was, and Wolverine got a shocked look on his face. Then Bobby made the ice-wall, and Wolverine began to try frantically to get through it, although he didnt use his claws. Rogue told Wolverine to come with her, but he said he would be OK. Rogue said they wouldnt be OK, and he went with her.
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