STAR WARS TV Series Update

With the August release date of the Star Wars Clone Wars animated film rushing up on us, we review what we already know.
I encountered an article over at Collider by ‘Frosty’, entitled “STAR WARS Animated and Live-Action News – Collider Exclusive.” I’m sure that Frosty’s opinion was exclusive to Collider, but apart from that, I’m not 100% certain just what it is we’ve been told that is new.

A third of the article was taken by in Frosty’s recollection of his Star Wars-filled childhood. Another third was spent telling us why he can’t tell us anything. The last third was where he told us what he thought he could tell us. It pretty much consisted of what we already knew, wrapped up in a long article.

Facts we already knew;

- Clone Wars will be set between Episode 2 and 3
- The live action series will be set between Episode 3 and 4
- The live action series will not focus on the Skywalker family at all
- The live action series will showcase those who we had seen during movies, smaller bit parts
- The live action and animated series will be considered canon

This last one was also very strange, as it was somehow billed as something massive. Excuse me, but, pretty much anything made under the Star Wars banner is canon; books, comics, bad animated 80’s movies, Christmas specials, etc.

There is however something that Frosty hints that that I have yet to come across. Frosty manages to clothe it in enough disclaimers that it would look well placed on a Quentin Tarantino movie.

The live-action show is going to end up on whatever network pays the most. However, I’ve heard they’re talking about the show being on HBO or even Showtime. Which jives with the slugline for the show…think Deadwood meets The Sopranos. Want a bit more? Could the live action show feature Gangsters? Could it follow the underworld of the Star Wars universe? Perhaps even a crime family? Have I said too much? Again, think Deadwood meets The Sopranos.

So in other words it is just as we figured; a series focusing a lot on Boba Fett and the criminal underworld that infested the Star Wars universe. And, the not so subtle hinting towards the crime family is almost definitely the Hutt family.

So as much as I think Frosty for his diligent summarization of what most of us already knew, I do qualify him with breaking at least one piece of news; the live action series looks to be a series focusing around the dealings of the Hutts.

This leaves me with only one question for Lucas and his development and creative teams; how are you going to manage not to include Han Solo and Chewy?
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