Naomi Watts Is Still For THE BIRDS

Funny Games star Naomi Watts recently assured the press that her remake of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds is still on, having reached a second script draft.
Tearing herself away from baby Alexander and partner Liev Schreiber, who is filming Wolverine in Australia, Naomi Watts attended a Wednesday, March 12th, press conference for her new film Funny Games. While there, she gave a brief update on the status of The Birds, the suspense remake being produced by Platinum Dunes (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), and which Watts is slated to headline.

"It’s a work in progress at this point, I think it’s a wonderful film," she said. "There are great things in it that interested me..."

She spoke positively of the first script draft by Stiles White, Juliet Snowden & Leslie Dixson, but noted that it "isn’t completely there yet." Watts has been attached to The Birds since its early stages, and expects to be involved with script development. However, at the current rate of progress, fans shouldn't expect to see the film until sometime in 2009.

Watts also mentioned her meeting, several years ago, with the star of the original Alfred Hitchcock film. "I have met with Tippi Hedren...and I was fascinated with her because people have often said we are alike."

In fact, when she recently took part in Vanity Fair magazine's lavish, star-studded photo tribute to Hitchcock, Watts emulated Hedren in an homage to 1964's Marnie (right), which the latter made with Hitchcock after her feature debut in The Birds.

SPOOKYDAN at Bloody-Disgusting spoke with Platinum Dunes about The Birds redux some weeks back, and, while not forthcoming with information, the production company is "very excited" about the project.

[Thanks to CHRISTINE SAMS at the Sydney Morning Herald.]
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