Howard Shore and The Hobbit

One of the biggest mysteries at the moment is how and when The Hobbit will make its production debut. Lawsuits abound the prequel movies to the hit Lord of the Rings trilogy, but here is some good news for those of us hanging on for news.
Via Ain’t It Cool News, it’s been revealed that Howard Shore – the Oscar-, Golden Globe- and Grammy Award-winning Canadian composer – will indeed be involved with any Hobbit movie. This is great news because, as many will remember, the soundtrack’s for the Lord of the Rings movies was of the highest caliber.

An email was sent to AICN referring to an audience question time held "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - Score Performed Live to the Epic Motion Picture" in Lucerne in Switzerland. Apparently someone asked Howard whether he would be involved in The Hobbit, to which he announced that yes he would be, and that he had been working on music for the movie since he began work on the score for The Two Towers.

So now we have Elijah Wood eager for the movie, Ian McKellen up for the role of Gandalf, and Howard Shore all eager for the movie to begin. Let’s hope that Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson can work something out soon with the Tolkien Estate.
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