FANBOYS Is, Yep, Delayed Again

The film’s original tagline promised that Fanboys was ''coming to our galaxy in 2007.'' But now we can toss out 2008 as well.
Harvey Weinstein has confirmed to the LA Times that The Weinstein Company is pushing the infamously-overdue flick Fanboys from its most recent scheduled release of late November '08 to February 6th, 2009.

The comedy film, which stars Kristen Bell (Heroes, Veronica Mars) and Sam Huntington (Superman Returns), follows a group of Star Wars geeks who attempt to break into George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch to steal a copy of The Phantom Menace before the film’s debut in 1999.

Weinstein's reason for the move: "so we can do a major promotion with Comcast, who's arranging for a big advertising tie-in for us on the film."

[Thanks to RYAN PARSONS and to MTV Splashpage's CASEY SEIJAS.]
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