Is This The End Of 24?

Is This The End Of <i>24</i>?
According to internet rumours, Fox is set to announce the cancellation of 24 in the next few days...
Various sources are suggesting that the show has been axed by the network, with a formal announcement expected shortly. 24 has faced various problems recently with both a decline in ratings and network president Kevin Reilly recently saying that a renewal for the show would be "a very tough call".

Last year, Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida) gave his view on when he thought the show would end, "I do, honestly think season eight will be the last. It's pretty hard creatively to find ways of topping yourself season after season, but we've gone for eight so far, so who knows?"

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What do you think? Is now the time for 24 to end? Should the show keep going or would you like to see them make the long rumoured movie to finish things off in style?
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Josh Wilding
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I know that this is mostly speculation but it would be a pity to see 24 end...

However, the show has been going downhill since the excellent season 5 - season 6 was awful, 7 was a little better thanks to Tony coming back but the recent season, although good, just feels like I've seen it all before! A movie is definitely the best way to end the show on a high IMO!
JoshW - 3/11/2010, 3:39 PM
i still love it and still watch it. and i will if it continuous, but if it ends and goes to a series of movies that would be cool as well.
superdog - 3/11/2010, 4:27 PM
That Tv series was awesome used to watch it every night just to keep me entertainment also been searching movie review help to get other most loveable shows to watch sometimes and enjoy my time .

Williamc - 11/4/2018, 10:19 PM

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