Clearing up the Punisher

So is Tombstone in The Punisher or not?! The answer is yes and no...
Clearing Up The Punisher
The last word on those Tombstone rumors!

August 20, 2003 - So is Tombstone in The Punisher or not?! The answer is yes and no.

It seems that IGN FilmForce misunderstood one of its Punisher sources (or vice-versa) when we recently asked them about rumors that actor Tom Nowicki (Remember the Titans) would be portraying the albino enforcer Tombstone (a.k.a. Lonnie Lincoln) in the now-filming Marvel movie. "No, all horse****," our source advised us last week. "The character's name in (the film) is Lincoln, that's all." You can see how that might be confusing. It sounded like a denial to us.

However, after being peppered with e-mails from those claiming to be friends of the actor IGN FilmForce has now been able to confirm with its sources that Tom Nowicki is indeed portraying a bad guy named Lincoln in The Punisher. Sorry for the confusion.

Whether Lincoln is anything like the Tombstone from the comics remains to be seen. A friend of Nowicki's told us that "Tom is 6' tall, [with] long blond hair, slim build, blue eyes, very fair skinned. He's not bulked up at all."

And do you think those recent rumors about wrestler Kevin "Big Sexy" Nash appearing in The Punisher are bogus? Wrong. Nash has indeed been cast but in what role our sources would not reveal. Counting Down says that they were advised that Nash would have to cut his distinctive long locks for the film.

Finally, Greg's Previews at Yahoo! reports that The Punisher will open in wide release on April 16, 2004.
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