Hulk Hogan Cameo in The Punisher Movie

WrestlingDotCom has an update about wrestler Kevin Nash's role in The Punisher and lends this bit about what Hulk Hogan had to say about it...
--Former WWE icon, Hulk Hogan called in to the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show recently. He noted Kevin Nash's haircut and the fact that it was for a part he has in the coming "Punisher" movie. He said that Nash will play the part of a wrestler in the movie, and that he himself will have cameo appearance in the movie as well.

Hogan then talked about former WCW wrestler Scott Hall getting a large payday from the breach of contract settlement with Time Warner.

Hogan also mentioned that Booker T received a big payday from Time Warner as well. Concerning the amount of money Booker T received from the settlement, Hogan said that Booker won't ever have to work another day in his life if doesn't want to.
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