Castle Renewed For a Third Season

Castle Renewed For a Third Season
Following its highest rated episode to date -- 14.5 million viewers -- ABC has renewed Castle for a third season.
There's an important lesson to be learned by this Nathan Fillion/Stana Katic dramedy cop show's renewal (and it's a bit of a cliche): patience is a virtue. The show was defintiely on the bubble on more than one occasion, but now it's shaping up to be a giant hit.
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14.5 million is a big number. Glad Fillion is finally getting the big numbers he deserves. After so many shows with low ratings glad he finally has a hit.
superdog - 3/30/2010, 8:38 PM
This show is SH1TE [frick]ing wasted on FILLION, numbers or not, the show is crap!

Damn, FILLION deserves better for his talent!
777LEEE - 3/31/2010, 6:23 AM
Lee, with all due respect, ARE YOU CRAZY??? Castle is terrific, particularly in terms of the back and forth between Castle and Kate Beckett.
EdGross - 3/31/2010, 7:43 AM
ed@ lee77 thought wolverine sucked and gijoe was great. nuff said. :)
superdog - 3/31/2010, 9:20 AM

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