Tombstone is D.O.A. in new Punisher movie

Well, it sounded good: Kevin Nash as albino villain Lonnie Thompson "Tombstone" Lincoln. But is it going to happen?
Not likely, said a source to IGN's Film Force Website. "No one is playing Tombstone. There is no 'Tombstone' in (The Punisher)," one source was quoted as saying.

Tom Nowicki plays "an underworld figure" named "Lincoln", but this Lincoln is apparently not to be confused with or linked to Marvel baddie Lonnie Lincoln aka Tombstone. Mr. Nowicki himself seems to be a bit of 'an underworld actor'. There's very little known about him other than his general acting credits which include Remember The Titans.

Kevin Nash still seems set to play a henchman of some sort in the new Punisher movie, but hard facts are few and far between.
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