The Toxic Avenger is back

The Toxic Avenger is back
But he is losing some of the Toxic 80's goodness!
The cult Troma Studios creation The Toxic Avenger is set to return in all new adventures thanks to producer Akiva Goldsman.

Originally created by Troma Foundations, the story featured Melvin, a gentle wimp who cleans at the Tromaville Health Club. A lonely target for jocks and other tough types, he gets his chance at payback – and heroism -- when he’s immersed in a vat of toxic waste.

Soon, the mop-wielding warrior is sorting out the bullies and fighting crime, not to mention wooing the ladies despite looking like a human-shaped mound of pond scum.

He's been featured in several movies, a Marvel comic and a 90's cartoon series called Toxic Crusaders. Now Goldsman and fellow producers Richard Saperstein and Charlie Corwin have the rights thanks to a finance deal with Endemol, the conglomerate that blackened the world with Big Brother (Damn them to hell)

They want Toxie to start a new environmentally conscious franchise of family friendly adventures.

This just worries me. Toxie was all about the rude humour and over the top gore. Take away those elements and I dont see the appeal of a mutant in a tu-tu... lol

Teabag out :D
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