Two Towers sales can't best Spider-man DVD

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers DVD sales did amazing business on Tuesday, but it's take is paltry compared to all-time DVD sales winner Spider-Man...
'Two Towers' rings up best Day 1 of 2003

New Line Home Entertainment's "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" had the best first day of any home video release this year as consumers grabbed more than 3.5 million combined VHS and DVD units. Day 1 gross consumer spending on sales and rentals was an estimated $60 million-$70 million, according to several industry sources. Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment executives still claim to hold the all-time Day 1 home video sales record with "Spider-Man," which sold through about 7 million combined DVD and VHS units to consumers and rental stores. "Spider-Man" is estimated to have generated more than $100 million in gross consumer spending on sales and rentals in its first day in release (Nov. 1) on home video. However, several home video industry insiders dispute the 7 million-unit sales figure for "Spider-Man," announced late last year by CTHE executives.
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