"Dwarf" Gets Tossed into Punisher Movie

"I said, "Judge, have you ever tossed a dwarf when you're sober? That's no fun."
Tampa columnist ERNEST HOOPER, with The St. Petersburg Times, landed this bit of, er, uh, "exclusive" casting news:

"Dave "The Dwarf" Flood has landed a cameo (I refuse to say "short") role in The Punisher, but Flood said he doesn't know a lot about what the filmmakers will require.

"I told my agent, "Don't tell me about the labor pains, just show me the baby,"' Flood quipped.

What the 3-foot-2 Flood does know is he will play a Cuban bar owner. Flood said as the child of a black father and Apache mother, he has had to bone up on his accent by watching Scarface.

When we last heard from Flood, he had filed a federal suit alleging that a state law banning dwarf tossing in bars is a violation of his constitutional rights. Flood settled out of court, but he did have to explain to the judge why dwarf tossing wouldn't work in places that don't serve alcohol.

"I said, "Judge, have you ever tossed a dwarf when you're sober? That's no fun."'

Flood, who has been frozen in a block of ice, sent to live in a Dumpster for charity and stuffed inside a giant bowling ball, is best known as part of the MJ Morning Show team on WFLZ-FM 93.3, a nationally syndicated radio show. Flood said he would consider a future challenge if the state begins enforcing the no-dwarf tossing law, saying he has a right to be tossed.

For pix of Dave "The Dwarf" Flood's most outrageous moments, go to www.mjmorningshow.com
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