Will Doctor Octopus Have Company in Spider-Man 2?

POTENTIAL SPOILER: The closely guarded script that is Spider-Man 2 may have one less secret to hold.
The ubiquitous Harry Knowles, over at Ain't It Cool News, received a fresh scoop that first appeared in the French film magazine Mad Movies (also check out their website www.mad-movies.com).

Seems Steven Johnson, while discussing his work on the film THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, let slip that he's also worked on some special effects for SPIDER-MAN 2, particularly on the character of Dr. Curtis Connors aka The Lizard. As Spider-Man geeks know, Curt Connors was always studying regenerative techniques in hopes of one day restoring his lost arm. His studies led to a formula breakthrough, that while temporarily restoring his arm, also turned him into a 7ft. lizard.

Veteran character-actor Dylan Baker portrays Dr. Curt Connors in the Sam Raimi directed actioner that hits impacts movie screens worldwide on July 2nd, 2004.
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