Free Comic Book Day Teams Up With SPIDER-MAN 2 Movie

In order to maximize awareness of the comic genre, the industry has chosen to have the event coincide with the highly anticipated film, SPIDER-MAN 2.
Free Comic Book Day 2004 will be held on July 3rd, to coincide with the opening of Sony Studios and Marvel Entertainment’s Spider-Man 2. The date was decided upon by polling conducted on the Diamond Comic Distributors Retailer Services Area, and voted on by more than 1,300 retailers.

Diamond’s release reads:

The first Spider-Man movie (released in May 2002) was an international blockbuster. The inaugural FCBD was held in 2002 the day after its release.

More than 1,300 retailers voted in the poll, accounting for more than 65% of those stores that participated in the 2003 FCBD. The FCBD Committee would like to thank comic book specialty retailers for taking the time to consider the three options offered on the ballot.

The final results of the voting are as follows:

Date # Votes % Votes

July 3 (Spider-Man 2) 681 50.56%
May 8 (no movie, but the traditional date of FCBD) 528 39.20%
April 3 (Hellboy) 138 10.24%
Total 1347 100.00%

The FCBD Committee will begin working to arrange for the third
annual promotion on July 3. Look for further updates in Diamond Daily and other Diamond publications as information becomes available.
0 Yes
0 No
Diamond Daily