Tobey Maguire in TV Guide

Seabiscuit interview once again turns to Spidey as Tobey talks about weight gaining for the film.
TVGO: You buffed up as Spidey, starved yourself to play Red, then re-buffed for Spider-Man 2 [due in theaters July 2]. You're like a yo-yo dieter.
Maguire: And, I'm tellin' ya man, I am so over it! I had something to prove to people when I was cast as Spider-Man. I had to be gaunt for Seabiscuit, so I made it a personal challenge. But I had nothing to prove with Spider-Man 2, so it was torture.

TVGO: So we shouldn't expect the Tobey Maguire weight-loss book?
Maguire: No way. People having trouble with their diets are always asking me how to lose weight. I'm like, "There's no secret. Just do it." It's not what they want to hear.
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