New Hellboy Photos, Interview Online

Ron Perlman talks about why Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro thinks he’s perfect for the lead in the upcoming movie adapting the Dark Horse comic.
New publicity photos and interview excerpts for the Hellboy movie from Starburst magazine are now online.

In the talk, lead actor Ron Perlman said director Guillermo del Toro had him in mind for the lead as far back as six years ago.
These photos are from STARBURST magazine, issue # 307, and were accompanied by an article on Ron Perlman. I will include some excerpts here, but I thoroughly recommend the purchase of this magazine, which is available in newsagents now, in order to obtain the full feature. "He had the option on the material something like five or six years prior to us filming it," the actor told Starburst. "We were having dinner together one night, and then went to one of his favorite comic book stores in Hollywood, and he said, 'In a perfect world, this is you!' I looked at it and said, 'That's pretty cool!' and proceeded to forget about it."

But, now that movie’s nearly ready to hit the theaters, "It was just a superb endeavor on that level," declares Perlman. "If you really look at the comic book, and study Liz Sherman, what you see is Selma Blair, so she was the embodiment of [Hellboy creator] Mike Mignola's flight of fancy. I think that's true across the board. You couldn't get a better Professor Broom than John Hurt, plus he brings so much integrity and dignity to what is ultimately a fantasy/comic book milieu, so that lends it credibility."

See the photos and read more here.

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