Avi Arad Gives Marvel Movie Updates

Make Mine Marvel Movies! That’s the cry many fans are shouting out as the House of Ideas keeps rolling out big screen adaptations of their comic books. Marvel Studios exec Avi Arad gives the latest update here.
Look for TV spots for The Punisher soon. That’s just part of the news Marvel Studios exec Avi Arad released at this week’s quarterly earnings call to investors.
Arad added that Spider-Man 2, opening July 2, is a "spectacular movie" and Blade: Trinity is "bigger and better" and Blade 4 is in the works.

Also, Man-Thing comes out in October and in 2005, Fantastic Four hits theaters in July. Elektra starts production in May this year, Iron Man starts production in the middle of the year for a November 2005 release. Ghost Rider and Luke Cage are also targeted for 2005 by Sony Pictures.

Also, look for: X-Men 3 (2006), The Hulk 2 (2006), Namor (2006), The Punisher 2 (2006), Iron Fist, Black Widow, Spider-Man 3 (2007) and Deathlok. Arad said Namor is like "Star Wars underwater... a fascinating frontier". Also, the Hulk sequel will be lighter than the Ang Lee original. Captain America and Nick Fury movies are also in the talking stages.
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