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Research methodology is a well-organized way of finding the solution to any of the problem/gap that might exist in the system. One can say that research methodology is a well-defined structure of studying the way in which research work is carried out. Precisely, it includes the process of research, techniques for collecting data, analyzing it and reaching to a possible conclusion. Therefore, research methodology is nothing but a way of gaining knowledge. So, it is a work plan for the entire research.
Research methodology can say to be the soul of the research. Through this, the researcher is not only able to get hold of the cause of the aim, but also it is possible to identify the possible solutions by applying various qualitative and quantitative tools for reaching a conclusion. As research methodology is the heart of the entire research, it allows others to find out why and what the researcher is trying to find. If research is not carried out in an orderly way, then the output thus obtained is doubtful. Sometimes, it may be possible that the result obtained from unorganized research methodology might be correct, but most of the time they prove to be inaccurate. Hence, a proper research methodology is the only key to the successful dissertation .
There are various steps under research methodology that are to be followed in the prescribed format in order to gain proper returns. If followed correctly, then it is sure for them to get accurate results for the existing problem. Here are the following steps that are included in the research methodology:

I. Introduction

This is the first step in the process of research methodology. Here the primary purpose of the research and why the need for a particular research was felt important by the researcher is mentioned. Along with specifying the purpose of research the introduction part also embeds the gap between existing and proposed system. Therefore, this section acts as a brief overview of the entire dissertation.

II. Research philosophy
Research philosophy is concerned with identifying the source, nature, assumptions and beliefs of the researcher. There are various sub-parts in this segment of research methodology. It is this part of the dissertation which defines the research strategy and defined in the research onion. The various sub-sections of research philosophy are Pragmatism, Positivism and Realism. These all are the different ways of reaching to the next level of the dissertation. Selection of one of the methods depends only on the type of data to be collected and the aim of the dissertation.

III. Research type
Research type facilitates the selection of the method of collecting data. The researcher is required to select one single or a combination of two approaches in order to gather data depending upon the objective of the research. For example, if the dissertation is aimed towards identifying the effect of price rise on the FMCG goods regarding profit, then it would include numerical analysis, and the researcher would have to use quantitative research type. Similarly, if the researcher wants to find out the opinion of the targeted audience, then is would be good to use qualitative research.

IV. Research approach
Research approach defines the way or the structure in which dissertation is to be carried out. Various approaches can be followed by the researcher depending upon the process that is required to be followed for the dissertation. If the researcher is researching for an aim that is a universal fact, then deductive would be the best choice. While researching for the topic that is intended to generate new idea/theories then conductive approach would serve the best.

V. Research design
Research design includes the entire plan/strategy that is being utilized for integrating the various components of the study in a logical way. It can also be termed as a blue print of the entire dissertation. It means that the research design helps you to produce unambiguous results for the research. The various research designs include, exploratory, conclusive, causal, correlation , experimental and descriptive. Each of the designs has their characteristics and can be selected based on the aim of the dissertation.

VI. Sampling
Sampling is termed as the process used to narrow down information gathering. In layman’s term, sampling means picking up a group that has characteristics similar to that of the entire population and conducting the research. This method came into action because it is practically impossible to collect a sample from a large population. Therefore, it catalyses the process of the dissertation and helps the researcher to collect data without much delay.

VII. Data collection
Data collection is the activity of assimilating and measuring the required information from the targeted population. This component of the research methodology is the designed to facilitate the researcher to acquire the exact data. There are mainly two types of primary and secondary. In the former, the information is collected for the first time, while in the recent data gathering is done from the already existing information.

VIII. Data analysis
In data analysis, the researcher is required to apply various tools to statistically/ logically evaluate the data thus collected through the various data collection techniques. It is a process to the group and illustrates the data for drawing conclusions. The data analysis methods include thematic, objective, content analysis and triangulation.

IX. Ethical consideration
Ethical consideration is the declaration that describes the ethical practices that have been followed by the researcher while conducting the dissertation. This part of the research methodology defines that no rights have been violated in collecting data nor any wrong ways are undertaken by the researcher to complete the dissertation.
Thus, research methodology is not only a process, but it can be termed as a group of processes that are integrated in a particular manner for obtaining the desired results. The dissertation could be conducted on any topic, but the research methodology will be followed in the same sequence. Only the sub-sections of various parts will be selected depending on the type and aim of the dissertation.

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