Style Formatting Adjustments That Can Expediently Improve the Presentation of Your Document

Style Formatting Adjustments That Can Expediently Improve the Presentation of Your Document
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A document that has been perfected through editing and proofreading is no doubt ready for submission at the academia, however, if you are a higher education student of a reputable institution, there is definitely the aspect of making your work aesthetically more pleasing for the evaluator and reader of your work. In this post, we are going to share with you some essential aspects of your academic document that you have prepared as per your professor’s or teacher’s request and make sure that it is style formatted in such a way that your work feels and looks more neat, organized, and systematic. So let’s get right into them, shall we?

Font Size & Style

It is important to know that the font size and style play an important role in making your work more readable so that it is easy on the eyes of the reader. Here is what you should consider:

• Make sure that your font size is not too small nor too big, a good range is from 9-12 for those who make their documents using Microsoft Word.
• Choose a style that is appropriate for academic writing purposes. Don’t go after fancier styles like Comic Sans, go for adequate ones like Times New Romans, Calibri, Cambria, or Arial.
• The normal black color for fonts is viewed as the most suitable for academic writing.
• Avoid using more than one style in your academic writing.
• To add further effect simply change the size for headings or use effects like bold, italic, or underline.

Remember that using the right font style that is approved by your teachers or institutions will definitely add value to your text.

Line Spacing

Consistency in your work plays a huge part in making your work feel organized. If there is no consistency then your document loses the touch of being a formal piece of written work. Line spacing hence is significant since it keeps the reader from adjusting their reading too much. If you stay consistent with your line spacing it allows the reader to effortlessly traverse through entire document without any hiccups or hindrances in between. The standard line spacing that can work great for a thesis or other forms of academic writing is as follows:

• The entirety of your academic document should adhere to single and double spacing only.
• Single spaced sections of your work should be exactly 12 pt. for those using Microsoft Word to create their documents.
• Double spaced sections of your work should be exactly 24 pt. for those using Microsoft Word to create their documents.
• Make sure to remove extra spacing from your document when proofreading for consistency.
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Paragraph Indentation

A great way for your reader to be able to distinguish when a paragraph ends and a new one starts. Again consistency is the key and you need to make sure that your document follows a unified order. A standard set of rules for applying paragraph indentations is as follows:

• Line spacing and indentations should not be conflicting otherwise both of them become redundant.
• One should make it mandatory to begin their paragraphs with indentations throughout their document.
• Your referencing system also helps you utilize paragraph indentations, for example, MLA uses ½ inches or 5 spaces. A simple tab will also offer you the correct indentation for the current referencing system you are using to create your document.

Text Alignment

Alignment of your text determines how your text is laid out throughout your document. The general rule for text alignment is usually left-aligned however it is switchable considering what your teachers and professors consider as appropriate. Justified might seem the answer to all of your questions when it comes to alignment, however, it rarely works out the way you expect and at times it makes reading your document even more difficult. Hence our advice to you is to keep your academic work left aligned. Justified alignment needs a professional typeset and that is hard to accomplish generally.

Page Numbers, Headers & Footers

This might seem like a frivolity, another one of those formalities that you need to adhere to create a professional and official piece of work, however, both page numbering and headers & footers offer your document the touch of scholarly work it deserves. Page numbers allow your reader to navigate throughout your document with great ease, and with an updated and accurate table of contents, it can offer them with a lot of conveniences when they need to jump from one section of your work to another. Headers and footers, on the other hand, keep your readers informed that they are reading a scholar’s work that is serious and formal in nature.

We hope that the aforementioned tips and guidelines offer you the insights and understanding you need to create a flawless piece of written work that is presented with adequate formatting style. On a final note always consider the recommendations and instructions of your professors and teachers regarding the formatting of your document as your topmost and foremost priority. You should never go against their recommendations and feel obligated to comply with their guidelines always.
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