Tokyopop Premieres Battle Vixens and Lament of the Lambs in April/May

Press Release announces the release of popular Anime titles. Debuting Fan-Favorites Also Include Arm of Kannon, Model, The Demon Ororon, Crescent Moon and Suikoden
BATTLE VIXENS (Action/Adventure/Comedy, Volume 1 Release: 4/6/04) Also known as Ikki Tosen, this immensely popular Yuji Shiozaki series is being adapted by famed comic book pro Keith Giffen (Justice League, Battle Royale). Its shocking story follows a troubled teenage girl who wants nothing more than to beat someone to a bloody pulp. This raging buxom beauty has no idea of her true fighting potential until her mother sends her to Tokyo, where she begins training with other brawl-hunting "Toushi"-warriors from around the world who possess ancient jewels that hold the spirits of fallen Chinese heroes.

LAMENT OF THE LAMB (Horror, Volume 1 Release: 5/11/04)
Created by Kei Toume-one of Japan's hottest manga artists-this surprise hit inspired a live action film and an anime series in Japan. Lament of the Lamb takes readers on a chilling journey into the tormented life of a family of vampires-all of whom struggle constantly to suppress their insatiable thirst for blood. Sent away after the death of his mother, Kazuna has long been blissfully unaware of his "condition." When his teenage hormones begin to rage, an uncontrollable bloodlust suddenly rears its head. Can his long-lost sister protect him from the world? More important... can she protect the world from him?

ARM OF KANNON (Horror, Volume 1 Release: 5/4/04)
An "11" on the evil scale, this dark tale by Masakazu Yamaguchi will appeal to fans of TOKYOPOP's Battle Royale and Priest. After Juzo Mikami discovers an ancient Buddhist relic rumored to have mystical powers, he vanishes, leaving behind his wife and two children. Juzo reappears three years later, but something isn't right, and his son, Mao, is suspicious of the man claiming to be his father. As Mao searches for the truth behind the relic and his father's disappearance, a secret organization bent on creating mystical super-soldiers may just get in the way and cause a world of chaos in the process.

MODEL (Romance/Horror, Volume 1 Release: 5/4/04)
Lee So-young (The God of Death, Check) delivers this classic gothic story. Like Lament of the Lamb, its plot involves vampires...but introduces a whole new angle to the parasite-host relationship. Jae is a struggling artist living in Europe. Determined to succeed at all costs, she finds herself in the most unusual of barter deals. She allows a vampire to drink her blood if he allows her to paint him. Her hope? That this bizarre situation may just give her the edge that launches her into stardom as a painter.

THE DEMON ORORON (Fantasy, Volume 1 Release: 4/6/04)
Fans of all things goth will delight in this unique manga created by Mizuki Hakase and adapted by Josh D.M. Dysart (Image's Violent Messiahs). Chiaki is the orphaned daughter of the Archangel Michael and a human woman. Ororon is an unholy devil with a bounty on his head. With nowhere to run and no allies to turn to, Ororon and Chiaki struggle to stay alive as the battle between devils and the angelic order rages around them.

CRESCENT MOON (Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Volume 1 Release: 5/4/04) Created by Haruko Iida, this classic Japanese legend of sorcery and myth has a lure shojo fans will find irresistible, especially if they've ever read TOKYOPOP's Demon Diary or Vampire Game. In this unusual story, a high-school girl has the uncanny ability to bring luck to everyone she physically touches. A recurring dream drives her to a tribe of demons called the Lunar Race, who ask for her aid in recovering their stolen power source. As an envoy between them and the Human Race, she is joined by a group of fierce but kind companions. Their battles and adventures forge a camaraderie that will never be broken!

SUIKODEN (Action/Adventure/Fantasy, Volume 1 Release: 5/11/04) Shimizu Aki-a huge manga talent in Japan-has created this wonderful story that inspired the hit Konami video game. For years, a devastating war has raged between the countries of The Grasslands and Zecksen. Virtually every family in both countries has suffered some sort of devastating loss, and their final ray of hope is vanishing as a long-awaited peace treaty crumbles before their very eyes. With nothing left to lose, a quest is undertaken to find the legendary Flame Bearer who is credited with ending a war many years ago.

TOKYOPOP Inc. is the leading North American publisher of manga, the fastest growing segment within the publishing industry. With exclusive rights to hundreds of licensed and original book, video and music properties, the company has rapidly become a media convergence leader. TOKYOPOP has millions of books in print and publishes many hit manga series, including Love Hina, Chobits, Rave Master, Initial D, GTO, Battle Royale and Cowboy Bebop. The company pioneered Cine-Manga(tm), releasing such titles as Finding Nemo, SpongeBob SquarePants, Lizzie McGuire and Transformers Armada. TOKYOPOP television properties include Rave Master, GTO and Reign: The Conqueror. The company has also expanded its presence as a licensor, representing merchandising rights for Rave Master, Initial D, Stray Sheep and others. Visit for additional information.
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