Marvel has released the first trailer for its MMO, Marvel Heroes, and, unsurprisingly, the focus is placed firmly on Earth's Mightiest Heroes, The Avengers.
EdGross - 5/24/2012

Ecko|Code and Showtime Networks today announced that the Dexter Slice of Life game is now available to play on Facebook. Based on the hit Showtime series Dexter®, Dexter Slice of Life combines progressive "real-time stealth" gameplay with the dark humor and suspense of the TV show.
EdGross - 10/3/2011

"We come in peace." -- The red flag should probably go up whenever extraterrestrial visitors use this phrase. In the tactical browser-based game UFO Online humanity has also made the mistake of trusting the aliens.
EdGross - 6/22/2011

By popular demand of viewers, Appjudgment has looked at the vast number of requests for a review of the game app Bruce Lee: Dragon Warrior and given the fans what they were looking for.
EdGross - 6/18/2011

Watch the beautiful and bloody warrior Skarlet rip people apart in this new DLC character trailer for the fighting game Mortal Kombat.
EdGross - 6/15/2011

Not only is Lara Croft getting a big screen make-over, but she'll be getting a video game reboot as well, which was revealed at this year's E3.
EdGross - 6/6/2011

Spider-Man's back in his newest video game, Edge of Time, and we've got the trailer which helped to ring in E3.
EdGross - 6/6/2011

You can't keep those zombies down, as evidenced by this trailer for the Dead Island game which made its debut at E3.
EdGross - 6/6/2011

The Seattle Times is offering up a piece focused on military games that will be making their debut at this year's E3 expo.
EdGross - 5/30/2011

USA Today is reporting that TellTale Games' recent delay of the Jurassic Park downloadable game was actually to prepare for the game to be issued for PS3 and Xbox.
EdGross - 4/29/2011

This behind the scenes look at the new Jurassic Park video game focuses on the dinosaurs populating Isla Nubar, looking at what when into their CG creation.
EdGross - 3/26/2011

Behind the scenes interview on Telltale's new Jurassic Park game, Return to isla Nublar.
EdGross - 3/5/2011

Paramount Digital Entertainment and Electronic Arts Inc. proudly announced today that Rango The Videogame is now available worldwide for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Wii™ and Nintendo DS™.
murraymaker - 3/1/2011

The video game Dead Island, which won't be released until November, is already garnering great interest from the movie studios, largely because of the innovative trailer that follows which is presented in Memento-like style.
EdGross - 2/18/2011

A Raven Software employee's CV reveals he is working on an 'international movie licence game,' hotting up speculation of a new 007 game.
EdGross - 2/11/2011

Bioware is going to give all their fans a chance to try out Dragon Age 2 a couple of weeks before the game's release.
lokisilvertongue - 2/11/2011

Duke Nukem Forever set to "Kick Ass and Chew Bubblegum" this May, new trailer released, box art plus demo details!
NateBest - 1/25/2011

This is a trailer for the DCUO video game. This trailer is as good and arguably better than the animated movies DC's created. I would love to see this trailer expanded into a full length movie.
DCF - 1/23/2011

EA and Visceral Games brought in a focus group for Dead Space 2 and cought some of their reactions on film, check them out and find out how to win a Dead Space 2 skinned PS3
NateBest - 1/21/2011

Experience a Blood-Soaked Rise to Power When BioWare Launches Dragon Age 2 on March 8, 2011! Watch the First Dragon Age 2 Trailer "Destiny"!
NateBest - 8/17/2010