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Lara Croft, Tomb Raider Gets a Video Game Reboot - Plus Trailer

Not only is Lara Croft getting a big screen make-over, but she'll be getting a video game reboot as well, which was revealed at this year's E3.
Describes The Hollywood Reporter, "The new Lara Croft is 21 years old and fresh out of college, when a storm capsizes her boat off the coast of a mysterious island. Darrell Gallagher, head of studio Crystal Dynamics, said this new game is about the adventurer becoming the Lara Croft that gamers know, albeit an alternate take on that. 'This is a character-defining journey for her,' said Gallagher. 'One that really is about her finding herself, discovering her inner core and becoming a real survival warrior through this experience.'"

Emplying a new game engine, players will be able to move Lara through what appears to be an interactive adventure movie much more than just a game. "We employ an intimate camera positioning so that the player feels what she's going through," said Gallagher. "This helps conveys the emotions she's going through as a young girl thrust into horrible circumstances."

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The Hollywood Reporter

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