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A complete exploration of the world of Star Trek in the past, present and (naturally) the future.

Over the years William Shatner has used pipes sing a number of songs, and these videos offer up some...uh....highlights?
EdGross - 6/25/2011

In a new documentary to be broadcast by EpixHD, and called The Captains, director and interviewer William Shatner sits down with each Star Trek captain, from Next Generation's Patrick Stewart to J.J. Abrams' choice as the new Kirk, Chris Pine.
EdGross - 6/25/2011

EPIX, the premium entertainment channel, video-on-demand and online service beams "Shatnerpalooza," the ultimate multi-platform experience, to viewers this summer.
EdGross - 6/25/2011

The tireless William Shatner is at it again, writing yet another book, this one — Shatner Rules: Your Key to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World at Large — hitting bookstores in October, but available for pre-order now from Amazon.
EdGross - 5/10/2011

Amazon UK has has offered up a preview of Christopher L. Bennet's next Star Trek novel, Watching the Clock, which focuses on the Department of Temporal Investigations. What follows is the official synopsis of the book, which will be published this June.
EdGross - 2/5/2011

The Star Trek universe as reimagined by JJ Abrams and his creative team was originally supposed to continue this summer in the form of four novels set in that timeline, but the publisher abruptly decided not to go forward with them.
EdGross - 8/11/2010

Given what we know about the Enterprise in Star Trek V, this footage of the lost ending of Star Trek IV makes complete sense.
EdGross - 4/1/2010

Having just celebrated its 30th anniversary, Star Trek: The Motion Picture holds a strange place in Trek history. While a disappointing return of Kirk, Spock and the rest, its undeniable commercial success nonetheless paved the way for everything that followed.
EdGross - 3/5/2010

Throughout its 46 year history, Star Trek has reinvented itself, and each time it has it has more or less resulted in the creation of a new "pilot" to launch that particular leg of its journey. This series of articles looks back at the making of those pilots, beginning with 1964's "The Cage".
EdGross - 3/2/2010

The guys at How It Should Have have turned their animated comic sights on to JJ Abrams' Star Trek.
EdGross - 2/27/2010