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The guys at got together and decided to do their own version of the trailer for The Avengers, and needless to say, their take is... unique.
EdGross - 10/19/2011

Superman gets a new father, James Cameron details his new project, and The Walking Dead returns! Plus a Jackass giveaway and we talk to the star of Green Lantern.
EdGross - 6/18/2011

Global recorded music sales fell around 9 percent in 2010 as rampant piracy cut into major markets according to the industry's trade body.
EdGross - 1/22/2011

Robert Pattinson shows his serious side in "Water for Elephants" starring alongside Reese Witherspoon and Christopher Waltz in the Depression era circus drama. Take a first look at the film.
EdGross - 1/20/2011

Almost a year since Apple redefined portable computing with its iPad, competitors launched attempts to cut the Cupertino company's lead. Taken together, the announcements at CES provide a much clearer picture of the likely evolution of the tablet market in 2011.
EdGross - 1/17/2011

Check out a pair of fan-made videos — one animated, the other live action — that have a little fun with the not-so-Dark Knight.
EdGross - 5/11/2010

A fan of Howard Stern's took a phony phone call made on the show involving Howard doing his parents' voices and turned it into some pretty funny animation.
EdGross - 4/19/2010

The latest episode of the iFanboy video podcast focuses its attention on Kick-Ass and you can check it out here.
EdGross - 4/16/2010

This trailer is from "Star Wars: Uncut," a complete retelling of the original Star Wars done by fans in 15-second segments.
EdGross - 4/15/2010

Wanna see the destruction of the world at the hands of Pixels? Check out Patrick Jean Rains' short film, Pixels, which brings back many a video game memory.
EdGross - 4/8/2010

According to Variety, a sitcom set in the Star Wars universe is in development. Although this sounds like a belated April Fool's joke, it apparently isn't. While we wait for details, check out one fan's version of a sitcom that mixes Star Wars with Neil Simon's The Odd Couple.
EdGross - 4/5/2010

Brian Matthews' Stone Trek, a hybrid of Star Trek and the Flintstones, throws a bit of Star Wars into the flash-animated mix.
EdGross - 4/1/2010

There's no question that Max Fleischer did an amazing job with the classic animated Superman shorts, but that's no reason (helped along by the fact that toons are now in the public domain) that an industrious fan can't have some fun editing. The result is this humorous send-up.
EdGross - 3/24/2010

This is certainly one of the more interesting fan-produced crossovers between Star Trek and.... well, the Star Wars "crawl".
EdGross - 3/22/2010

Welcome fellow Ghostheads! Ghostbustin 911 is a comedic fan film parody filmed in the style of COPs and Reno 911.
EdGross - 3/20/2010

Brian Matthews' classic flash animated hybrid of Star Trek and The Flintstones begins with the two-part episode "The Deadly Ears."
EdGross - 3/19/2010

In this wild short film we experience an imaginative look at what it must be like to be in a Beatles tribute band.
EdGross - 3/19/2010