Calling All Gundam Model Builders!

Bandai America is calling on the vast legion of creative customizers for their "Gundam Model Building Contest" taking place at this summer's Anime Expo and Comic-Con.
Participants will be given a Gundam action figure model kit at the Bandai Booth and will have one hour to complete their models. This isn't a speed contest, or a competition to see who can come closest to the picture on the box. We want the creativity you display in your own customizing to come through here. Battle-damage, scarring, special paint jobs, dioramas, etc. are all encouraged. Participants may bring their own customizing tools to the booth, but no razors, knives or sharp objects will be allowed. Contestants' models will be displayed at the Bandai booth, and a panel of judges will select the winner who will receive a Perfect Grade or Level 8 model kit. Contest times for Anime expo are Friday, July 4th & 5th @ 11A & 3P. If interested, come by the Bandai booth at Anime expo beginning July 3rd or Comicon July 17th to register. A Bandai representative will be on site to give you more information. Only a limited space is available, so get there early to register!
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