Gundam Arch Enemy Toy Series

Check out the Gundam Arch Enemy series! Each collection in the series includes the primary hero and the major villain from each Gundam show.
Bandai America Inc. announced today plans to expand the U.S. Gundam toy franchise with a limited edition collector's series of 7-inch action figures entitled the Gundam Arch Enemy Series. Each collection from the Gundam Arch Enemy Series will include the primary hero and the major villain from each Gundam saga released in the U.S to date.

If there's one thing giant robot fans love more than the anime and games that feature the hulking mechs, it's toys based on them. If you count yourself as one of these discerning individuals, Bandai is pandering to you with its new Gundam Arch Enemy toy line.

The Arch Enemy figures come 7-inch figures to a set; one hero and one villain. The first set features the Gundam Wing Zero Custom and his foe the Tallgeese II, while future sets will draw from Mobile Suit Gundam, 0080, 0083, et cetera ad infinitum. The sets are expected to retail for $24.99 each, and have no street date as of yet.
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