Advance Screening: Tokyo Godfathers In NYC

Ahead of it's official opening lat next week, a special screening of Perfect Blue director Satoshi Kon's next film to see USA release, TOKYO GODFATHERS, is set to make a debut on January 13th in New York City.
Destination Films and Samuel Goldwyn Films are handling the American release.
TOKYO GODFATHERS is the latest masterpiece from internationally acclaimed animé filmmaker Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress). An homage to the 1948 John Ford/John Wayne classic 3 Godfathers, Kon‚s film follows a trio of homeless denizens:Gin (an alcoholic haunted bythe loss of his family), Hana (a transvestite and former drag queen) and Miyuki (a teenage runaway). While rummaging through a pile of trash for Christmas gifts, they discover an abandoned newborn baby girl. Yearning for salvation and meaning in their seemingly wasted lives, the eccentric trio embarks on a quest to find the child‚s family. Expertly crafted and featuring dazzling imagery, the film takes a grittylook at modern Tokyo‚s widely neglected homeless population and marginalized communities. TOKYO GODFATHERS will open in New York and Los Angeles on Friday, January 16, 2004 with a national release to follow.
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