CARTOON NETWORK: "Miguzi" Block Replaces Toonami

Cartoon Network Announces New Action-Adventure Programming Strategy
Cartoon Network will change its action-adventure programming line-up with the launch of Miguzi, a new weekday afternoon franchise, and the move of Toonami to Saturday evenings. Airing weekdays from 5-7 p.m. (ET, PT), beginning Monday, April 19, the new Miguzi block will create an exciting interactive environment where kids can find the best action-adventure programming with comedic elements. Beginning Saturday, April 17, Toonami will air from 7 p.m.-12 a.m. (ET, PT).

Miguzi will be positioned the network’s afternoon destination for the best action entertainment for kids 6-11. The new block will be built around a fantastic new undersea environment, where kids will find compelling action-adventure programming. Miguzi will also feature live-action segments profiling entertainers, athletes and everyday heroes who are inspirational, unique and talented. These lifestyle pieces will further bridge the gap between real life action-adventure and animation.

“The new Miguzi franchise will appeal to a wide audience, with its block of action and adventure, and will lead us directly into prime time,” said Jim Samples, executive vice president and general manager, Cartoon Network Worldwide. “This new block conveys an environment that’s both exciting and inclusive, where kids can come each day after school for cutting-edge programming. We’ve acquired some great new series, which we will match with popular Cartoon Network original shows.”

Miguzi is set on an abandoned spaceship buried in the ocean. Each day, The Leviathan, a giant sea monster, transports Erin, the franshise’s CG host, to the submersed ship. Once inside the spaceship, Erin and the sea creatures all settle in to watch the shows, when the fun begins.
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