ADV Nabs Peacemaker Kurogane Anime

Should Appeal to Kenshin Fans
ADV Films has announced the licensing of the Studio Gonzo samurai epic Peacemaker Kurogane. Based on the manga series (which ADV has also licensed) by Nanae Chrono, the Peacemaker Kurogane anime series ran on Japanese TV from October of 2003 to March of this year. Set in 1864 just before the Meiji Restoration, Peacemaker Kurogane is a story about the Shinsengumi, the group of samurai charged with protecting the shogunate against the Imperial rebels. The setting of Peacemaker Kurogane will be familiar to fans of Rurouni Kenshin, which takes place just after Meiji Restoration.

Superbly animated (especially for a TV series), Peacemaker Kurogane should have a strong appeal to fans of Rurouni Kenshin -- and with both the anime and manga, ADV should be able to market this property very effectively.
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