Inuyasha and Chobits Action Figures

Toynami has announced that it has acquired rights to produce action figures based on Inuyasha and Chobits.
Along with other Toynami properties such as Voltron and Robotech, prototypes for Toynami’s Inuyasha line were shown at Toynami’s showroom at the American International Toy Fair in New York this week.

Pictures of the Inuyasha and Kagome figurines from the Inuyasha line are available on Toynami's website here. While their website does not currently have any images from their Chobits line-up, Toynami did inform us that the Chobits figures currently planned are Chi and Yuzuki. The second set of Inuyasha figures is scheduled to include Kikyo and Sesshomaru.

Toynami acquired the licenses for both titles from the North American license holders, Sho Pro and Geneon respectively.
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