Top Cow to Publish Manga-Style Trade

Myth Warriors Debuts in September
Top Cow Productions has announced the September release of Myth Warriors, an original graphic novel written by Robert Place Napton and illustrated by Ph, a hot new talent from the Phillipines. The 128-page, digest-size trade features a color cover (by Francis Manapul), black-and-white interior art, and a manga-like price point of $9.99.

The plot of Myth Warriors should be recognizable to anyone familiar with anime and manga -- a skateboarding teen discovers an amulet that allows him to control an ancient, gigantic mecha warrior, which he must pilot in a desperate attempt to save Earth from destruction by other giant mechas. Just as the popularity of mecha-themed anime series has led to creation of American cartoon hybrids such as Megas XLR, which is currently running on the Cartoon Network, so the success of manga has led to an increasing number of Ameri-manga releases of which Myth Warriors is the most recently announced.
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