Geneon Announces Four New Titles

Burn Up: Scramble, Cybuster, Saiyuki Reload, Lunar Legend: Tsukihime
Geneon has announced it has acquired four new titles it will release on DVD, currently scheduled to start this October.

Lunar Legend: Tsukihime, slated for three volumes, is tentatively scheduled to begin in October. Burn Up: Scramble, also three volumes, is a sequel, and is supposed to begin in November, as is Cybuster (Cybaster in Japan), which is currently set to be a six-volume series.

Saiyuki Reload, based on a manga originally published in Zero Sum and with the ink still wet on the licensing paperwork, does not have a release date or number of volumes determined yet.

The first volumes of all four series are currently set to be released with a collectors' slipcase option.

These four new titles join five others due to debut in June and July.
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