ADV Announces 15 New Anime Licenses

Including 'Maburaho' & 'Area 88 TV' (July 07, 2004)
ADV Films has brought more anime series to the American market than any other company, and judging from the announcements emanating from this year's Anime Expo, ADV, which revealed fifteen new licenses, isn't likely to be surpassed any time soon in the quantity of its anime releases. There's plenty of quality in ADV's announcements too, as well as a diversity of subject matter and genre.

Maburaho and Yumeria are magical girl series with plenty of comedy, while Area 88 TV and Gravion Zwei provide military drama and mecha action respectively, and Gantz is a "mature" horror title. Other anime TV series announced include the Legend of Moby Dick, Erementar Gerad, Nanaka 6/17, Gilgamesh, Tactics, Kurau: Phantom Memory, Hello Kitty Animation Theatre and Elfen Lied.

One of the most interesting of ADV's newly announced TV anime series is Detective Loki, whose central character, the Norse god of mischief, is banished to earth in the form of a child and who has to open a detective agency in order to collective the evil "auras" necessary to regain his adult form and return to Asgard -- any resemblance to that other reluctant kiddie gumshoe, Detective Conan (Case Closed) is obviously purely coincidental.

Not all the new ADV announcements come from Japanese TV. Saiyuki: Requiem and Tree of Palme are movies, while Moeyo Ken is a 4-episode OAV series set in the Meiji era, which features 3 daughters of former Shinsengumi members, who have to protect Japan from an increasing wave of attacks by paranormal phenomena.
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