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Limited Edition CLAMP Series, Art Books,More
At last weekend's Anime Expo in Anaheim, Tokyopop released the news that it will be publishing a twelve volume bi-monthly series titled CLAMP No Kiseki: The Ultimate Collection, starting in April of 2005.

Each 32-page publication, which will be limited to 10,000 copies, will include never-before-seen interviews and exclusive material, plus three famous CLAMP characters featured in that issue as collectible chess pieces. In order to get the complete set, all twelve issues will need to be purchased. We inquired about plans for a "matching" chess board at the conclusion of the series, but at this time there are none, although that could change.

These collector's item, high-end packages (retail price still to be determined) will be sold to the direct market comic book stores to fill initial orders only, after which the remaining copies will be sold to Waldenbooks and on Tokyopop's Website.

Volume 1 will feature Cardcaptor Sakura, with subsequent issues covering Tsubasa, Magic Knight Rayearth, Clover, xxxHolic, Angelic Layer and Chobits.

Additionally, Tokyopop will release two CLAMP art books in January: North Side will feature art from series such as Magic Knight Rayearth and Clover, while South Side will include pieces from many series, such as Man of Many Faces and Legal Drug, along with never-before-seen artwork and "how-to" sections on drawing CLAMP characters. Both will be cover priced at $19.99.

Tokyopop will also release the first volumes of six new manga series in January, all priced at $9.99, with the number of volumes to be determined.

They are Peach Fuzz (the comedic Grand Prize winner of the Rising Stars of Manga contest), DearS (from the popular anime series), Hyper Police (comedy with demons and monsters), Lagoon Engine (fantasy from Yukiru Sugizaki), Master School Olympus (fantasy/action), and Soul to Seoul (drama).
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