Funimation Licenses 'Burst Angel'

'Gun-Toting Girls' Series From Gonzo
Funimation Productions has announced the licensing of Burst Angel (Bakuretsu Tenshi, literally "Explosive Angel" in Japanese), the 24-episode anime series produced by 3-D animation wizards at Studio Gonzo featuring four well-endowed and heavily armed female mercenaries/crimefighters. The world of Burst Angel is an NRA-approved gunlover's paradise in which the Japanese government allows citizens to police themselves in a Tokyo, where life has become a desperate struggle and the threat of unceasing violence spreads through the megalopolis. The four heroines of Burst Angel, Jo, Meg, Sei, and Amy have enough savvy and firepower to strike fear into the hearts of Tokyo's burgeoning criminal gangs, aided by the unwitting efforts of Kyohei, a peaceful culinary student who takes a job as cook for the fearsome four.

Burst Angel is a perfect candidate for the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim due to the series' high violence quotient and its occasional nudity. Burst Angel should follow in the profitable path of Funimation's Kiddy Grade series, which has proven quite popular with American anime fans. Look for Burst Angel DVDs by mid-2005, and don't be surprised if the series appears on Adult Swim in 2005 as well.
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