400,000 Free Cards Promote MegaMan TCG

Especially to Videogame Players
Decipher is kicking off a promotion for its MegaMan TCG in October that will attempt to pull videogame players to the trading card game. 400,000 promo cards will be distributed through a variety of channels. Around 275,000 will be inserted into MegaMan X Command Mission, the new videogame for PS2 and Gamecube, and the rest will come with the Strategy Guide, in the Viz manga, with the Dreamwave comic, and in the custom controller that's being produced for the game. The card, called "MegaMan X, Invincible," is not only playable, it will also direct fans to the TCG Website, where a series of exclusive cheat codes will appear over time, driving repeat traffic by players of the videogame. It is the first MegaMan TCG card based on the classic MegaMan property.

The TCG has had a strong launch. It sold out quickly after release, and according to Decipher VP Sales and Marketing Scott Gaeta, it has now sold more in reorders than it did in its initial shipments.
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