Kids' WB Orders More MegaMan NT Warrior

Starting October the Anime goes Daily - New episodes shown spring 2005
The Kids' WB has ordered an additional 30 episodes of the anime series MegaMan NT Warrior, which is based on a popular Capcom video game. The new episodes won't start airing until spring 2005, but in the meantime the Kids' WB will make the most of the two seasons of the series it already has by placing it in its daily late afternoon kids' block from October 4 through October 22, and again from November 22 through December 9. In addition, the Kids' WB sister skein, the Cartoon Network, will hold a MegaMan NT Warrior marathon on Saturday, October 2.

In addition to the Capcom video games, Viz has a popular MegaMan manga series, while Decipher has the successful MegaMan CCG and Mattel has a license for toys. Keep your eyes on the Blue Bomber--he may be taking off.
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