ADV Releases to go High-Def in 2005

ADV has announced that it will release Noir, RahXephon and Full Metal Panic! in Windows Media High-Definition Video and 5.1 DTS Surround Sound Audio in 2005.
The series will be sold in two-packs, with one disc that can be viewed in high def on computers that run Windows Media Player 9 or 10 (available free via download), and another with the 5:1 DTS Surround Sound Audio that can be viewed on a home DVD player.

This finesses the question of which high def DVD format to use--two competing formats, one backed by Sony and a group of allies, and another backed by Toshiba and its cohort, are currently beginning a VHS/Betamax-style battle that looks like it won't be resolved for years. The Windows Media Player format allows buyers to view high def content now, on their computers, without investing in a new DVD player that might become obsolete if it's on the losing end of the format war.
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