World's Largest Anime DVD Shopping Guide Launches

Shoppertron, the world's largest fan focused Shopping network, is please to announce the launch of their latest shoppers guide to Anime DVDs and Movies with more than 4000 titles listed.
Shoppertron is the world's largest shopping guide to the Anime DVDs, Movies and
special edition sets. Shoppers can search and locate the best prices across more
than 4200 items on 240 products at 31 online retails stores in just a 1 click!
The service allows Anime fans to find the best stores and prices carrying their
favorite Anime titles. Visitors can also track new releases, pre-orders and save
even more with our exclusive super deals listings. If that's not enough,
shoppers who can't find what you are looking for can login to our shopping
forums and talk with other fans about Anime and other related topics.
Shoppertron is now live and available to the public on the Internet at:

Based in Silicon Valley, California, Shoppertron is a privately funded company
that was started in early 2003. The initial goal was to be the ultimate
Transformers shopping guide to the best prices on the toys collectors available
the world over. Over time, our proprietary shopping technology has grown to
locate and collect information on all kinds of popular products, prices and
categories. Shoppertron now gathers and compares data at a product level to give
shoppers like you the inside scoop on what and where the best prices are in a
fast and easy to reference web site.
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