Be Beautiful Announces Four New Yaoi Titles

Be Beautiful announced four new yaoi titles for 2006 at last weekend's Yaoi-Con in San Francisco.
The probable best-seller from the group is Midaresomenishi, by Kazuma Kodaka, who's the author of Kizuna: Bonds of Love, the best selling yaoi manga in history (see "Yaoi Author Feted in New York"). Be Beautiful also kicked off a contest to provide the English name for the series at the show. The story is set in feudal Japan, and concerns a samurai who's captured by bandits with his brother and becomes the bandit leader's love slave in order to spare his brother punishment.

Boku No Koe, by Youka Nitta, the author of Embracing Love, follows a young voice actor who dreams of making it big in the industry.

Yebisu Celebrities, by Shinri Fuwa, is set at a design firm called Yebisu Graphics, and stars a new, part-timer who catches his boss's eye.

And Play Boy Blues, by Shiuko Kano, follows the relationship between a current and former companion in a host club.

Be Beautiful also announced that the two Kizuna OVAs will be repackaged into a Kizuna Signature Edition with an English-language track in addition to the Japanese, plus special audio commentary and an interview with Kodaka, and footage of her U.S. appearances.
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