Sabertooth Adds 'Street Fighter' License

For a Universal Fighting System CCG
Sabertooth Games Inc., creators of the WarCry and Warhammer 40K CCGs, has announced a partnership with video game giant Capcom to create the Street Fighter Collectible Card Game, which will be part of Sabertooth Games' Universal Fighting System (see "Sabertooth's Universal Fighting System"). The first Street Fighter CCG release will include both starters and boosters and will feature the classic Street Fighter characters such as Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Sagat, Dahlsim and Zangief.

Sabertooth's UFS can support a wide variety of characters from different genres and games in one-on-one combat allowing for great cross-over opportunities for players to pit their favorite fighting game characters against each other. Sabertooth has already announced Soul Caliber III and Penny Arcade CCGs for the UFS, which should provide for some very interesting match-ups once all three CCGs are released.

Street Fighter remains a potent property based on a highly successful series of video games. In addition to the various Street Fighter anime DVDs from Manga Entertainment, there is a Street Fighter comic book series from Udon, action figures from SOTA Toys, and MiniMates from Diamond Select.
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