Geneon Releasing Fate Stay Night on DVD

Scheduled to be released late December 2006, Fate Stay night is high fantasy--a series with wizards and magic summoning the aid of unique characters for mankind's greatest battle.
One of the most recent Japanese animated productions born out of alternative media, Fate Stay Night is based on a PC game developed by Type-Moon. Distributed in the US by Geneon Entertainment and scheduled for release in late December 2006, fans won't want to miss out on this action packed tale of fantasy.

As the story goes...
Some years ago a war had been waged for the rights to the Holy Grail. The war was hard fought with superb skill from expert wizards and excellent strength on the part of summoned servants, who were contracted to aid their master wizards. But at present, our story begins with a young man named Shirou, an apprenticed wizard and mechanic whose skills are anything but that of a "master." With a late family member of his having been a magician, Shirou knows about the existence of the world of magic and sorcery, but his own talents are reserved in nature.

Unfortunately for Shirou though, he is reluctantly forced to come to grips with the reality that the secret war of wizardry possesses, and Shirou will thusly become involved in this war for the Holy Grail, perhaps fulfilling the role of wizards past wherein only the destruction of those involved is the sole inevitability.

Distributed by Geneon Entertainment, the first DVD Volume of Fate|Stay night entitled "Advent of the Magi," will be available on store shelves beginning December 19th, 2006 for $29.98. An anime program with action and fantasy, Fate|Stay night attempts to establish a deep and involving story with meaningful characters for the audience to care for or be interested in from start to finish. Extras and bonus materials available on "Advent of the Magi" include a limited edition pencil board (while supplies last) and an art gallery.
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