Gundam Rides Again

All-new series to launch in October, courtesy of Sunrise studios and the Sotsu Agency.
Fans were delighted to view a 15-second Mobile Suit Gundam 00 trailer aired on Japan’s Toward the Terra broadcast. The trailer officially announces the premier of the series in October of 2007, and sets the stage3 for Gundam 00 to reinvent the franchise.

Set in the year 2307, Gundam 00 will take place in our own universe as opposed to the fictional settings used in other Gundam series. The main characters will be four Gundam Meister pilots in service to Solestal Being, a private peace-keeping military organization that uses the mighty Gundams to enforce its policies. The trailer ends with the phrase “Rebirth begins through destruction.”

Rumors about the involvement of Full Metal Alchemist director Mizushima Seiji and Hellsing script supervisor Kuroda Yosuke are unconfirmed. Fans have noted similarities between the character designs featured in the trailer and the work of Koga Yun in her manga/anime series, Loveless; but no announcements have been made regarding Koga’s involvement.
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