New Teen Titans Episodes in November

Here's some scoop on new Teen Titans episodes fans can expect this fall.
The Cartoon Network plans new episodes of Teen Titans in November, including two-parter featuring Beast Boy and the Doom Patrol. Judge Reinhold, Xander Berkeley and Peter Onorati will do guest-voices as members of the Doom Patrol.

Reinhold will be Negative Man (Larry Trainor, a pilot who can separate a radioactive doppleganger from his body), Berkeley will be Mento (a billionaire inventor who adopted Beast Boy and uses a helmet that enhances his mental powers) and Onorati will be Robot Man (Cliff Steele, a race car driver whose body was destroyed in a crash but whose brain lives on in a super-strong robotic body). Tara Strong (a series regular as Raven) provides the voice of Elasti-Girl (no relation to The Incredibles, Rita Farr, an actress who gained the power to control her size while on an exotic island for a shoot).

Berkeley's resume includes the voice of Warp on TT, General Brak on Justice League and Priest on Spawn. Onorati has done Warhawk and B'wana Beast on JLU.
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