Ultimate Avengers DVD Release Date

Wizard says Feb. 21 is when the Ultimate Avengers DVD hits shelves.
According to Wizard magazine, the Ultimate Avengers DVD will hit video store shelves Feb. 21. That was on a flier for Wizard World Boston which adds that a trailer will be shown at the convention.

Ken Katsumoto of Lions Gate Films told Comics Continuum: "The first animation is just coming back and it is amazing looking. This is feature story telling at work."

There will also be a TV series to follow.

"The film would come out as we intended in its entirety to the fans first. And then it would have a long gap between that and broadcast platform," he said. "It won't be Saturday morning, I can assure you that.

"When we made the deal with broadcaster, they were extremely cooperative and said, 'We got the kind of film that we want. This is not going to be watered down for Saturday morning. This will be prime-time viewing.'"

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