My Supergirl, How You’ve Grown

Viewers of last Saturday double-header of Justice League Unlimited got to see a very much grown up Girl of Steel.
Justice League Unlimited producer Bruce Timm has taken Supergirl's character on the show to the next level.

"We'd been gradually 'maturing' Supergirl personality-wise throughout the course of the last two seasons of JLU, and thought maybe it was time to update her costume as well," Timm told Comics Continuum. "We debated the pros and cons of it, the deciding factor being that her belly-tee/Doc Martens 'riot grrrl' outfit was very much of its time, and since it ain't the 90's no more, we should go ahead and give her some new threads.

"And then of course it became a question of 'If we DO change it, which way do we go? Something similar to her classic Silver Age look, something completely new, or what?' Right around this time, Michael Turner re-designed her costume for the comics, and I kinda liked what he did with it, combining the animated belly-tee look with Silver Age elements.I did some sketches along those lines, pinched Ed Benes' Black Canary hairdo and voila."

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