DVD REVIEW: Teen Titans - Fear Itself

Season two, volume 1 of Teen Titans is now on DVD! "Fear Itself" is jam packed with stellar episodes starring Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven, as well as some new and ol' favorite villains!
Find both action and hilarity on this DVD with episodes featuring...

-After Beast Boy rents a horror flick, Raven admits she is afraid of some things.

-Starfire travels to a dark and dismal future where Cyborg's tech is obsolete, Beast Boy is bald, Raven is crazy and Robin is Nightwing.

-Beast Boy is mistaken for an alien's pet.

-Cyborg finds that his humanity gives him advantage over a purely robotic adversary.

-Robin goes on a blind date with Killer Moth's daughter.

-AND... the first appearance of earth-moving Titan named Terra.

Special extras in this DVD include the "Arachnid Challenge" and a look inside Titans Tower.

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