New Ultimate Avengers Pics

Newly released images of Nick Fury and Black Widow from the upcoming animated Ultimate Avengers direct-to-DVD movie.
Lions Gate Entertainment has now released first looks at designs for Black Widow and Nick Fury from the Ultimate Avengers direct-to-DVD movie which will be released in February of 2006.

The character of Black Widow is voiced by voice actress Olivia d'Abo.

Steven Gordon, who is co-directing the film with Curt Geda, adapted the designs of Ultimates comics artist Bryan Hitch for animation. Gordon designed many characters for the X-Men: Evolution animated series as well.

While participating in a recent convention appearance, Marvel Studios' Craig Kyle said spoke briefly of Nick Fury being a key character in the film.

"He's got to pull all these hotshots together and make them a team," Kyle said. "He's one of my favorites in the movie, actually.

"The design is very close to what it was in the Ultimates."

The new images can be seen below:

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